Friday, August 19, 2011

Bucket List Blog Hop!

Okay so I had this GREAT project for day 2 ...... LOL. After many many things going wrong here is a pic of my leftbrain wearing my project. I have always wanted to go to more  music concerts. I had a magazine to throw out and decided to make a bowl out of it. The magazine is all country music stars. Weird I know..... LOL . Due to un for seen things my bowl is not finnished but at least left brain had fun.

You can not see it very well but there is 5 layers so far in my bowl. Enjoy!

  1. Michelle - <-----Happy Birthday on the 18th
  2. Justina <-----Happy Birthday on the 28th
  3. Anita -
  4. Ashley -
  5. Amy -
  6. Maria -
  7. Tami -
  8. Sher
  9. Gina -
  10. Gill - <-----Happy Anniv on the 11th
  11. Linda T -
  12. Inga -
  13. Corrine-
  14. Lori-
  15. Nancy -
  16. Lisa -
  17. Wendy - <-----Happy Birthday on the 31st
  18. Jamie - <-----Happy Birthday on the 18th
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